Buffalo County
Register Of Deeds
Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds Office is responsible for the maintaining and securing of the land records of the county. The Register of Deeds Office is a separate office in counties that have more than 20,000 inhabitants.

The duties include preserving of old land records and entering into the numerical trust deedindexes and the computers all newly record land transactions. Such as warranty deeds, mortgages, deeds of trust, plats and any other documents that affect a specific piece of land in the county. This office routinely deals with complex legal descriptions and requires accuracy and detail. The documents are microfilmed and scanned daily. In Buffalo County, the office updates ownership on the copies of the cadastral maps. The Register of Deeds is a public office. In addition to the Public, this office is utilized by Real Estate Companies, Title and Abstract Companies, Banks, Law Firms, Appraisers and genealogists.

Copies of any recorded documents, Ownership Plat books compiled by the office, and copies of Land Patents are available to view or purchase.

Deputy: Jennifer Schleusener

Office hours-M-F 8:00 AM-5:00 PM


The first courthouse of Buffalo County erected at Gibbon in 1873. History tells us that the Gibbon Courthouse records were placed in a wagon, brought to Kearney at night hidden in the “Chandler Building’ where the Telephone Company is today.  (More Buffalo County history)

The first deed recorded in Buffalo County was a 40-acre tract of land in Section 13, Township 9, North, Range 13 West. The date of the recording was February 12, 1870.

Schedule of Recording Fees

Buffalo County Register of Deeds Term
T.J. Scott January 1894 to January 1898
David Mathieson January 1898 to January 1902
T. G. Spencer January 1902 to January 1906
V. B. Wheelock January 1906 to January 1915
T. J. Scott January 1915 to January 1927
Lydia Finke January 1927 to January 1935
Mabel Rice January 1935 to January 1959
Sam Spahr January 1959 to January 1975
Margaret Swanson January 1975 to January 1999
Kellie John January 1999 to Current

Alphabetical Index of Buffalo County Land Patents Compiled by the Buffalo County Register of Deeds