Buffalo County
Notice of Possible Scam

Within the last several days the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office has been made aware of a possible scam in which a person or persons are attempting to obtain credit card information over the telephone. In this particular scam, the scammer called a citizen and told them that there was a warrant for their arrest but if the citizen would provide their credit card information to the scammer they could pay a fine in lieu of being arrested. The Buffalo County Sheriff's Office does not accept credit card information or any other financial information by phone. We also believe that the person or persons calling may be spoofing the caller ID number so that it appears to be coming from the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office. The person or persons calling may also be identifying themselves using the name of current Buffalo County Sheriff's Office employees. Any citizen that receives a call from the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office where there is a concern about the release of financial information or a concern relating to any scam are encouraged to call the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office at 236-8555 or the Kearney Police Department at 237-2104 and report the activity. We are currently investigating this and want the public to be made aware of the scam. 


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